This game was created for GMTK 2019 Game Jam

Slimes Slayer is a 2D rogue-like shooter game made with Unity, in which you have only one bullet to kill all the slimes !

Enjoy slaying all the slimes and the four bosses (+one secret final boss).
There's twenty levels. Can you beat'em all ?!

You have only one bullet that you can pick up to shoot again.
There's a lot of different upgrades ! Try them all and find the best combination.

Controls (Mouse + Keyboard needed) :

  • Move - WASD & Arrows
  • Character orientation - Mouse
  • Shoot - Left click mouse

*** Share your best time and the level that you reached ! ***

The project is on GitHub :

Install instructions

Unzip the file and execute the file named "Slimes Slayer.exe"

Have Fun !


Slimes 22 MB


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I like this game, but I find it a bit difficult personally, as I could never get to my bullet without taking damage.

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I understand we took time to make interesting levels and physics. But with more than 48h the game would of been much more balanced.

Thanks for the feedback.


Awesome gameplay and I loved the graphics! You really took the theme of the jam and ran with it :) Would you mind checking out and rating my game as well? With only 10 ratings I sure aren't getting a lot of traffic over here :/ Only if you'd like to though :)

I will in a few hours.

Thanks for the comment.